Aleysha Derksen

Aleysha is a local yoga teacher here in Ottawa! You can find her teaching in studio at Pure Yoga, Yogatown, or Movati. She has over 4 years of full time teaching experience under her belt since graduating from Pure Yoga’s very first teacher training in 2014! She has since lead classes on Parliament Hill, has taught recently at Ottawa’s own yoga festival City of Om and internationally at the South West Yoga Fest in Western Australia. Travelling is a huge passion of Aleysha’s and she tries to blend her love of yoga with her love of travel with her retreat offerings.

Alex Ure

Alex Ure is a yoga and meditation teacher in Ottawa, Canada. With over 500 hours of training, she is passionate about teaching in ways that bridge gaps between ancient wisdom and modern day. She focuses on teaching yoga and meditation tools that can be used in your every day life. Catch her regularly at Yogatown and Pure Yoga!

Vanessa Sorgard

Yoga was love at first breath for me so many years ago! I teach because I want my students to experience the joy, strength, and freedom that yoga has brought me both on and off my mat. I have been teaching for over 15 years and I continue to be inspired by the positive effects yoga has on the lives of my students. My creative but intelligent sequencing weaves in philosophy, pranayama, meditation & movement. My classes allow students the space to explore, while challenging themselves to see where they are able to go. Yoga has opened my mind, along with my heart and being a full-time mom, it has had a calming effect in my daily life. I love yoga, pure and simple!

Andrea Robertson

Andrea began her yoga journey in 2001 and upon completion of her first 200 hour training began teaching her passion full time in 2004. Her teaching path is a reflection of her deep love of precision and body movement. Throughout the years she has been a dedicated yoga student of Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin and combines all teaching styles into her classes along with her love of strength training. Andrea’s personal and teaching flow practice has taken different shapes over the years and always evolving between fluidity and what creatively inspires her. She aims to honour the gift of yoga, providing a full body creative movement class paired with breath work, meditation, cultivating a quiet space that gives students an introspective experience for a complete mind-body experience. Andrea goal is to guide an intelligent flow that combines the sweat of ashtanga, the wisdom of Iyengar and freedom of vinyasa(with some sneaky strength training moves in between 😉)
Andrea travels leading yoga retreats throughout the world and resides in both Ottawa and PEI. She is a regular teacher at Pure Yoga Ottawa.

OMies Acro Yoga

Ciara Jean Beaton & Andrew Milliken

We like to keep our students uplifted by creating an engaging and inclusive practice environment that is always filled with laughter. We both love to teach classes that are lighthearted, well-aligned and inspiring.

Ciara has completed over 500hrs of training in AcroYoga, Thai Massage, classical Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Power and Prenatal. Andrew has completed over 300hrs of training in AcroYoga, Vinyasa and Yin.

Acroyoga is the practice of trust. We have spent the last three years working together to marry this main element with a sense of play to help our students enliven their connections – whether it be with strangers, friends or partners. We believe deeply in bringing to life sweet acroyoga partnerships and a strong sense of community enriched with clear communication and built on these three foundations: trust, connect and play. As yoga teachers, we have had the privilege of witnessing acroyoga inspire our students to step out of their comfort zones so that they may truly soar to new heights and blossom their relationships with others – both on and off their mats.

Sabrina Hidiroglo

Born and raised in Ottawa, Sabrina fell into yoga in 2008. As a competitive horseback rider, she was looking to find something to balance out her riding while adding strength and flexibility. In 2011, she joined Yogatown , then Moksha yoga, and decided to do her teacher training in 2014. Taught by Jennifer Stow, Kelly Cameron and Paula Munroe, she teaches a strong practice with mindful sequencing. She currently teaches at Movati in Barrhaven.

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