Alex Ure

Alex Ure is a yoga and meditation teacher in Ottawa, Canada. With over 500 hours of training, she is passionate about teaching in ways that bridge gaps between ancient wisdom and modern day. She focuses on teaching yoga and meditation tools that can be used in your every day life. Catch her regularly at Yogatown and Pure Yoga!

Aleysha Derksen

Aleysha is a local yoga teacher here in Ottawa! You can find her teaching in studio at Pure Yoga, Yogatown, or Movati. She has over 4 years of full time teaching experience under her belt since graduating from Pure Yoga’s very first teacher training in 2014! She has since lead classes on Parliament Hill, has taught recently at Ottawa’s own yoga festival City of Om and internationally at the South West Yoga Fest in Western Australia. Travelling is a huge passion of Aleysha’s and she tries to blend her love of yoga with her love of travel with her retreat offerings.

Katie Laferriere

Katie is a yoga teacher based in Ottawa, Canada. She teaches vinyasa flow classes that link breath and movement, that foster the connection to intuition, and that cultivate strength and balance. She provides options and modifications for all levels and encourages students to accept themselves – mind and body – where they are. Katie completed her 200-hour certification in 2015 and continues to expand her education through workshops, trainings, practice, and study. She teaches public classes, as well as masterclasses on the 5 elements of Ayurveda, on the chakras, and on arm balancing.

Kurt Mansergh

Hi, I’m Kurt. Yoga has been my way of life for many years. My journey started when I was 13 years old, reading about the philosophy and ancient words of the sages really helped mould my view of the world. As I teach I strive to bring a conscious and grounded approach to the class. We focus on the breathe and subtle shifts of the mind and body to learn and map our inner landscape. With clarity and intention our practice can be a medicine to treat an overactive mind and frenetic energy.

Omies Yoga

Omies Acro Yoga {Ciara Jean Beaton & Andrew Milliken} like to keep our students uplifted by creating an engaging and inclusive practice environment that is always filled with laughter. Both love to teach classes that are lighthearted, well-aligned and inspiring. Acroyoga is the practice of trust. The Omies have spent the last three years working together to marry this main element with a sense of play to help their students enliven their connections – whether it be with strangers, friends or partners. They believe deeply in bringing to life sweet acroyoga partnerships and a strong sense of community enriched with clear communication and built on these three foundations: trust, connect and play.

Andrea Roberton

Andrea began her yoga journey in 2001 and upon completion of her first 200 hour training began teaching her passion full time in 2004. Her teaching path is a reflection of her deep love of precision and body movement. Throughout the years she has been a dedicated yoga student of Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin and combines all teaching styles into her classes along with her love of strength training. Andrea’s personal and teaching flow practice has taken different shapes over the years and always evolving between fluidity and what creatively inspires her. She aims to honour the gift of yoga, providing a full body creative movement class paired with breath work, meditation, cultivating a quiet space that gives students an introspective experience for a complete mind-body experience. Andrea goal is to guide an intelligent flow that combines the sweat of ashtanga, the wisdom of Iyengar and freedom of vinyasa(with some sneaky strength training moves in between 😉)
Andrea travels leading yoga retreats throughout the world and resides in both Ottawa and PEI. She is a regular teacher at Pure Yoga Ottawa.

Ro Nwosu

Engaging and energetic, Ro is all about making movement a fun experience and she believes in body diversity, meaning it doesn’t matter the size or the shape, everyBODY is meant to move. She is real about her moments with yoga, family life and more. Connected to her community, Ro is avidly involved in a variety of events and brings her specialized expertise to youth, adults and seniors in Renfrew County as well as communities around the province. Always on the move, she loves the outdoors and incorporates nature into as many of her classes and events as possible. Creative and innovative, Ro focuses on tuning the mind and body to the world around us.

Sonic Yoga

Sonic Yoga is the Ottawa based yoga and sound creation of Katt Brooks and Drez Slezak (also known as DJ ASTRL TRVLR). These two take you on a journey through sound and movement using breathe, meditation, flow yoga, sound healing techniques and live mixing. Sonic Yoga guides the participants through an accessible flow yoga practice while they experience the true benefits of frequency and sound. The journey is professionally cued to link body, movement, breath and sound, so participants can be encouraged to get lost in the “flow” of their movement and be encouraged to be creative with their inner self.

Jenna Switzer

Jenna Switzer is a full time yogi, therapy ball junkie, and anatomy geek. Based in Ottawa, she leads weekly drop-in classes around the city and workshops, retreats, and trainings both locally and internationally. After completing her first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program in 2013, Jenna continued her education by assisting in four additional 200hr YTTs, taking and assisting in Yoga Tune Up® trainings, achieving her Thai Massage Level 1 certification, learning Restorative Yoga, and completing many other trainings and certifications. Whether teaching in yoga festivals, gyms, or online classes, Jenna’s passion and light-hearted approach makes yoga accessible to everyone.
Each of Jenna’s classes have a strong anatomical foundation as well as an appreciation for the energetic body. Her classes have a strong focus on the wave of breath through the body in asana shapes, creating an intuitive flow style. Recently, her passion for women’s empowerment, both physically and spiritually, has led to the creation of workshops to empower women in self-care for pelvic floor health.

Rise Ashen

Rise Ashen is a student of movement. He trained in Judo for 3 years in Montreal in the eighties, started Bboying in 86 and House Dancing as soon as he was allowed to attend clubs in 93. He has always loved to dance, he and his partner Tangent have been the House Dance instructors at the Flava Factory since its inception 8 years ago in Ottawa.. He trained in WTF Tae Kwon Do with Tae. Eun. Lee fpr 4 years in the 90s, was an avid skier and ski racing coach into his twenties, did a lot of climbing and mountaineering in the rockies, he then studied Xing Yi Kung Fu with Kiem Hoo Lee in Ottawa starting in 2000 and has been practicing it since. His love of Kung Fu led him to Yoga (he is an IYA Yoga Instructor), and to Natural Movement (he is a Movnat coach). His passion for movement has coalesced into a love of ADD (Art Du Déplacement) and general Movement Culture and he feels all of his movement experience has become part of his path as a student of movement. He loves to share the training modalities he has learned over the course of his life and he is excited to learn more and train with you.

Tara Porter

Born and raised in the Maritimes, Tara’s love for music and movement started with music and dance. Her first yoga class was in grade 7, and she took her first yoga training after graduating from high school. Merging her love of music and wellness was a natural progression and she has been offering live music yoga classes with the trio, the Bhavantu Collective (with Devin Johnstone and Juno-nominated producer and musician Rise Ashen) for over 7 years. Tara has been offering Kirtans and sharing the yoga/music love with Teacher Trainings and retreats locally and internationally for over a decade. A trained vocalist, Tara weaves her voice into the flow of the practice through improvisation and in the moment inspiration. She is thrilled to be a part of the second annual Root2Rise fest!